In Video: ISIS Militants Deny a Prisoner Prayer Before Killing Him

Hakim Khatib

Hakim Khatib

is a political scientist and analyst works as a lecturer for politics and culture of the Middle East, intercultural communication and journalism at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and Phillips University Marburg. Hakim is the editor-in-chief of the Mashreq Politics and Culture Journal (MPC Journal).
Hakim Khatib

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The Army of Islam (Jaish Al-Islam) in Syria circulated a video of ISIS militants mocking and hitting a prisoner because he asked them to let him pray before they kill him. The ISIS militants refused the prisoner’s plea.

The prisoner is from Jaish Al-Islam in Syria according to the video. The Anti-Assad Jaish Al-Islam is headed by Zahran Alloush and financially backed by Saudi Arabia.


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