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 Humans of Syria had the chance to tell a heart-breaking story about a 3-year-old Syrian child, who lived most of her life under siege. Here is here story:

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Aya made me laugh but she almost made me cry when we talked about fruits.

She is like many other children from Ghouta near Damascus. She doesn’t know a lot of kinds of fruits because of the siege. So we have only very few kinds of them.

Aya doesn’t know what oranges, bananas, or grapes are. She doesn’t know what many other kinds of fruits are. Not only she doesn’t know how they taste or look like, but she also doesn’t know that such things exist at all.

If I mention the name of some of these fruits, which are unavailable, she gets all puzzled and confused as to what these names are. She may laugh thinking that I was joking with her or she may cry thinking that it’s something to be afraid of.

Aya is a 3-year-old girl, spent more than two years and a half of her life under siege. Aya doesn’t know anything about life outside the besieged area.

We grown-ups forget these little details until children like Aya come to remind us about them.

The photo was taken on 16/9/2015

Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Syria

By Noor MT

In collaboration with Humans of Syria

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