New Cairo District Opens ‘Picasso East’ Art Gallery

Picasso East - Picasso East is set to be one of Egypt’s leading art galleries; the massive space has a distinctly European vibe that is shown through the glass  - MPC  Journal

Picasso East in New Cairo – © Image: Daily News Egypt

Art is a method of non-verbal communication that can be presented anywhere from progressive galleries to graffiti on the street. However, the upscale district of New Cairo still lacks an artistic presence. The relatively new district harbours the capital’s top shopping malls and eateries; nonetheless, it did not have a single art gallery up until last week.

Picasso East is set to be one of Egypt’s leading art galleries; the massive space has a distinctly European vibe that is shown through the glass walls, minimal decor and a show-stopping waterfall. The gallery itself features a large number of masterpieces, courtesy of emerging and well-established artists including the outstanding Ibrahim Abdel Rahman, the founder of Picasso Art Gallery in Zamalek.

“Picasso East Art Gallery is aiming to become the first art platform to expose artists to a wider audience and to foster dialogue between artists and their audience, as well as building a valuable collection under one roof,” said founder and owner of Picasso East Art Gallery, Reda Ibrahim.

The exhibited artworks include paintings and a few selected sculptures, and Picasso’s upcoming schedule will include a number of solo and group exhibitions that aim to give a nod to renowned pioneers, as well as being gesture of encouragement for new talents.

“From the outset, we wanted to feature abstract art in an innovative way; by starting with a large space in a new location. We are trying to introduce a new artistic culture to the residents of New Cairo,” said Ibrahim.

The opening event witnessed a large exhibition that included many spectacular masterpieces, including: photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures, handmade silver ornaments, frames and porcelain work.

“We want to establish a solid platform; therefore, we reached out to as many pioneers as possible,” said Ibrahim.

The gallery is divided into three different sections that together provide a cohesive experience. While the largest of the three features a huge number of talents through monthly exhibitions; the second section aims to introduce new concepts and artists.

“Our gift shop is a small section, where we sell home accessories and jewellery. We also present the works of students and new artists, in order to encourage a new generation of artists and to give our clients a wider margin of affordable options,” said Ibrahim.

In the third section, artists can display their masterpieces after the completion of their one-month exhibitions. According to the founder, this way an artist does not disappear from the gallery after the exhibition; but rather, becomes a regular member.

The opening exhibition included just over 50 artists who showcased  the varied aspects of sculpture and abstract art.

“We currently choose the participating artists and masterpieces according to their experience; I know many of the current artists personally, as well as the former pioneers. However, in the future we will have a specialized committee to do the evaluations,” said Ibrahim.

The founders believe that the gallery’s location is an advantage as it stretches the boundaries of the local art scene while also promoting the importance of showcasing and featuring art.

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