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Abhishek Mohanty

is studying M.A Politics: International and Area Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He is a Junior Research Associate at German Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance- Bangkok, Junior Researcher at Centre for Southeast Asian Studies- Jakarta, and Research Intern at Centre for Vietnam Studies- New Delhi. Research interests include critical analysis of foreign policies, regional and global issues of Indo-Pacific countries.


What the Arab Majority World Can Learn from Indonesia – Op-Ed

The Arab majority world in contemporary times is being pugnacious to delineate the linkages between the state, creed and the civil society. From the time when the so-called Arab Spring broke out in the Middle East in 2011, this has turned out to be the prevalent concern for monarchs in the region. The agitations have altered the political scenarios of the Arab majority world and have sent a caveat to dictatorial regimes that they need to discover a middle ground and reach a decision to incorporate egalitarian practices if they desire to remain in power.

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