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Darwn Rahim

is a PhD candidate at Erfurt University in Germany. He hold an MA in Security studies from Bundeswher University in Munich. He is also a research fellow at George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. He has served as the personal assistant to the spokesman of Kurdistan Regional Parliament.

An Iraqi army uniform lies close to the Kukjali checkpoint, some 10km east of Mosul.

ISIS and Sectarian Authoritarianism in Iraq

Most of the states in the regions of West Asia and North Africa have failed in nation building processes. Failure of state systems and lack of national identity have led to catastrophic dilemmas in the region, one of which is the emergence of ISIS (Islamic State in Syria and Iraq). While similar dilemmas could re-emerge in the region, especially Iraq, it becomes vital to ask if there is a detectable pattern, in which terrorist groups like ISIS thrive.

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