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Mohanad Albaaly

A trained lawyer since 1997 and licensed by Damascus University Council. Mohanad is a human rights activits and he's also an editor at the MPC Journal in Arabic.

Why They Reject Religious Reform

Why They Reject Religious Reform

In a talk show on one of Egypt’s TV channels, an episode turned into a wrestling ring between two guests on a program, when one of the guests, lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh, a close associate of Al-Azhar, took off his shoes and hit the reformist Sheikh Mustafa Rashid. The debate was about the daring religious edicts (fatwas) of Sheikh Rashid. Sheikh Rashid, a graduate of Al-Azhar himself and the Grand Mufti of Australia, has dozens of publications, fatwas and bold opinions that have been a subject of controversy in debates around Islamic jurisprudence since he issued them. His views are profoundly…
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