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Mashreq Politics and Culture Journal is an independent platform focuses on West Asia & North Africa & Occident-Orient Relations سياسات وثقافة المشرق في غرب آسيا وشمال إفريقيا وعلاقات المغرب والمشرق


Yazidis, the Persecuted Religious Minority in West Asia

For their beliefs, they have been the target of hatred for centuries. Considered heretical devil worshippers by many Muslims—including the advancing militants overrunning Iraq—the Yazidis have faced the possibility of genocide many times over.

Chart Explains the Entire World Economy - mpc journal - hakim khatib

Chart Explains the Entire World Economy

  A map by provides a perspective of the worldwide economy. The map represents each country relative to the size of its nominal gross domestic product. The higher the percentage in the graphic above is, the larger the size of the economy. The percentages above are based on the map produced by

How well do you know the Mashreq? It is a video on diversity in the Mashreq region of West Asia and North Africa. The short video is produced by Mashreq Politics & Culture Journal (MPC Journal). All rights reserved. Music by Alp Yenier/"Waiting Immigrant" by Reg Project Manuscript by Hakim Khatib Design by Ivan E. Rosado Publisher: Mashreq Politics & Culture Journal (MPC Journal) For more on the Mashreq, visit MPC Journal website: Follow us on Facebook:

How Well Do You Know About Diversity in the Mashreq?

How well do you know the Mashreq? It is a video on diversity in the Mashreq region of West Asia and North Africa. The short video is produced by Mashreq Politics & Culture Journal (MPC Journal). How Well Do You Know The Mashreq? Mashreq: is an Arabic word means “the place of the sunrise”, “Orient” or the “East” As of 2016, it is home for 3% of the global population (≈350 million) living in 17 countries with many different religions and a variety of ethnic and linguistic groups. These countries are: Lebanon, Syria, Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain,…
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Populism is reshaping our world

Video: Populism Is Reshaping Our World

From the streets of Turin to Silicon Valley, people power is taking the world by storm. With frustrations rising and the old order apparently crumbling, who really has the answers? THE AGENDA explores the defining questions of our time and seeks out the stories, solutions and the personalities who might just hold the answers. Discover the mould-breakers experimenting with new ways to approach some of the modern world’s most fundamental issues; find out what happens when bold ideas and real life collide, and meet the leaders whose thoughts and actions are themselves helping to shape the agenda. 

Graffiti under siege - MPC Journal - HOS

Graffiti Under Siege

Omeir, a 20-year-old Syrian artist, has been living under siege in Douma in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus for more than three and a half years. In cooperation with the Human in Syria Initiative, he had the chance to tell his short story: I am from the city of Douma in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus. As many people living in besieged areas, I try to seek possible alternatives to keep on living. My story started from here. Based on my passion for art, painting, colours and artistic expression of ideas in a way suits the war we are living,…
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We Continue in Syria Despite All Odds

Who said anyone wins during wars. Everyone loses! Despite all despair and anguish, we remain human and we keep going on. Here is a short story of a Syrian man who persists to continue despite all odds. Abu Ahmed, in his fifties, hails from the city of Daraa in the south of Syria. He harvests his wheat fields every year. Unfortunately, Abu Ahmad lost his son during the bombardment of the city. His son used to help him during farming and harvesting seasons, but now Abu Ahmad must do this on his own.

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