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Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi

is an independent ‘IR’ researcher-cum-writer based in Pakistan. His research focuses on Conflict-Prevention, International Law, War Studies and other major issues relating to South Asia, Middle East, the European Union, the United Nations, and the US Foreign Policy.

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Zionists’ Crafted Geopolitical Tapestry

The on-going war in Syria and Iraq arrests the attention of the global powers and apparently much diplomatic struggle is being waged to handle the current crisis, which is readily declining the state artifices of both Syria and Iraq. This article attempts at investigating the historical linkage to the current situation. Weizmann and Ben-Gurion were willing to negotiate with Arab rulers in order to gain those rulers’ recognition of Jewish statehood in Palestine in return for the Zionists’ recognition of Arab independence elsewhere, but they would not negotiate with the Arab politicians in Palestine for a political settlement in their…
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Islamic Scholars, MPC Journal

Sufi Islam to Prevent Violent Extremism?

The current events of terrorism in France, Turkey and Belgium, and the recent wave of terrorist attacks in Lahore, Pakistan do invite some serious deliberations. Be it East or West, the veritable reality is: Fighting against terrorism remains a mammoth task. The war against violent extremism via the hard power doctrine is already under way; yet the world needs to adopt a soft power strategy to combat this radical ideology. And it is in this backdrop, that by implementing the tenants of Sufi Islam, we can expediently brave the challenges of curbing fanaticism, fundamentalism, radicalism, sectarianism and violent extremism all…
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