Farsi Album by Israeli Singer

Breathtaking: Farsi Album by Israeli Singer

Maureen Nehedar’s transition from Hebrew 
to Farsi allows her 
to express additional sensibilities and hues of her amazing vocal talent. Can a breathtaking experience last for six and a half minutes? In the world of the arts, yes. That’s what happens toward the end of Maureen Nehedar’s new album, “Gole Gandom” (Wheat Flower), when the song “Juni Juni” comes on. Since there was already a breathtaking song (the unaccompanied “Prayer for Peace”) on Nehedar’s previous album, one might have thought the system would have trained itself to neutralize that rare experiential situation, but happily that turns out not to 
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Evolution of Arabic Music in Seconds

Evolution of Arabic Music in Seconds

Iranian-Saudi a cappela artist Alaa Wardi squeezes a century of Arabic music into a six minute performance that pays homage to the giants of the genre. Teaming with digital music biz Anghami, he combined 42 of the most iconic Arabic-language songs into a music video that is as entertaining as it is educational. Wardi kicks off with “Lamma Bada Yatathenna,” musical poetry that dates back to the Moors, and wraps up with the pop hits of Hussain Al Jassmi and Saad Lamjarred. Come travel through time, and meet the stars he sampled.

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