Gender Equality in the Mind of Men in the MENA

A study shows that only a quarter of men in Arab majority societies support gender equality. The patriarchal nature of these societies comes as no surprise to most of us. Despite it being widely criticised, especially by those who have grown up in the region, there’s been little to no research done to prove its existence.

Activists carry placards during a sit-in near the Lebanese parliament and in front of the U.N. headquarters in Beirut on April 1, 2014. Photo: REUTERS/Sharif Karim

Finding Ways to Fight Women’s Exposure to Violence in Arab World

It should now be beyond dispute that gender-based violence is a critical human rights issue– possibly the most important human rights challenge of our time. There is a great deal of research and action on this issue, and also a great deal of terminology that might be unclear. Terms such as “violence against women”, “gender-based violence”, “violence against women and girls”, “sexual and gender-based violence” and “conflict-related sexual violence” may sound similar, but the distinctions between them are important.

HOS MPC Journal Daraa

We Continue in Syria Despite All Odds

Who said anyone wins during wars. Everyone loses! Despite all despair and anguish, we remain human and we keep going on. Here is a short story of a Syrian man who persists to continue despite all odds. Abu Ahmed, in his fifties, hails from the city of Daraa in the south of Syria. He harvests his wheat fields every year. Unfortunately, Abu Ahmad lost his son during the bombardment of the city. His son used to help him during farming and harvesting seasons, but now Abu Ahmad must do this on his own.

Old Profession at Times of War - MPC Journal - HOS

Old Profession at Times of War

Mohammad Qurabi, a photographer at Humans of Syria, had the chance to talk to a Syrian blacksmith in Ariha, a twon in the north of Syria. Here is his story. Adel Haddad, who goes by the nickname Abu Hassan, is someone in the city who is still working in a very old profession that dates back more than 150 years: Arabic blacksmithing. He inherited this craft from his ancestors and continues the tradition in their name in Ariha. Abu Hassan works more than ten hours a day. You always see him engrossed in his work and indefatigable, earning the livelihood…
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pro refugee protest in Germany

Seven Different Opinions in Germany About Refugees

As the refugee crises in Germany reached its heights in September 2015, I went to help both Germans and refugees. I had been in a similar situation 31 years earlier as a refugee in Germany. I, too, had escaped war and political unrest. Although I landed in Germany by a plane and not by crossing the dangerous seas or walking for days by foot, I, too, sought refuge in search for hope, a future, and a better life. Because of my experience, I could understand the fear and emotional and psychological distress of the refugees. But I was also able…
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Cultural Bridging in Amman – Grassroots Projects with Scarce Resources - MPC Journal @ Image: Hakim Khatib

Cultural Bridging in Amman – Grassroots Projects with Scarce Resources

JORDAN – While political conflicts have dominated almost all discourses around the region of West Asia, narratives on the region have remained ensnared by political and religious frameworks. Thus the people in West Asia remain entrapped within politically driven explanations to answer questions about peace and conflict, Islamism, authoritarianism, security, stability etc. Unfortunately, even cultural, historical, philosophical, psychological and archaeological aspects of human civilisation in this region were to a great extent framed to serve only political explanations. This has led to minimizing the complexity of the fabric of these societies. Defying these rigid structures of categorization, local people in…
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