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Saudi Women Fleeing Has Become a Nightmare for Saudis

Another Saudi woman tries to run away from her family AGAIN. Dina Ali, a 24-year-old Saudi woman tried to flee from her family, seeking asylum in Australia. But she wasn’t able to reach her goal. At the international airport of Manila in the Philippines, Dina’s passport and official papers were confiscated by airport officials, while she was changing flights to catch another to Australia. While she wasn’t allowed to continue her trip, officials at the airport declared that this procedure was based on Saudi authorities’ request to capture the fugitive lady.

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Russia Grants 9 Arab Countries Visa-Free Entry

The Russian government released on Monday a list of 18 countries whose citizens have been granted the right to enter far-east Russia without an official entry visa; this list includes nine Arab countries but not Egypt. The Arab countries granted this visa-free status are Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, according to a statement released by the Russian government and reports by state-run news outlet Russia Today,

Victims of Chemical Weapons Are Soon to Be Forgotten - A girl stands outside her house in the District of Mosul, Iraq, as soldiers carry out an operation behind her. DVIDSHUB (CC BY 2.0)

Victims of Chemical Weapons Are Soon to Be Forgotten

While victims of chemical weapons in Syria are still suffering to cope with what has happened, the world has moved on to focus on the repercussions of American airstrikes against Syrian Army airbase. A message by Raed Al-Saleh, Head of the Syrian Civil Defence (White Helmets).  When the first volunteer team responded to the airstrike in Khan Shaykhun in Syria, they had no idea it was a chemical attack. They were all poisoned. Then the second team arrived, and we started to rescue the wounded and injured. There were so many affected. 


Man and Woman Sentenced to Death by Stoning in Iran

Local media in Iran have reported on a woman and a man who were both recently sentenced to death by stoning on the charge of adultery. According to a report by the news site Kashkan, the man’s initials are Kh.A. and the woman’s initials are S.M. The stoning sentences were issued by the first branch of the criminal court in the province of Lorestan (western Iran). The lawyers for these two unidentified prisoners have twenty days from the time the sentences were issued to file appeals with Iran’s Supreme Court. The report cites an unidentified source who claims that the…
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Woman wearing burqa in Afghanistan

Morocco Bans the Burqa

The Moroccan authorities have invoked security reasons to prohibiting the burqa, which is rarely worn by Moroccan women who prefer the hijab. Moroccan authorities have prohibited the manufacture and sale of burqas for security reasons. The measure appears to be motivated by security concerns, where “bandits have repeatedly used this garment to perpetrate their crimes,” local media reports say. Burqa is a traditionally integral Muslim veil to Afghani women of the Pashtun tribes. It is a long piece of clothing, blue or brown, completely covers the head and body with a cloth grid concealing the eyes.

Syrian soldier with the national flag inside Aleppo's Umayyad Mosque [Reuters/Omar Sanadiki]

Aleppo: Evacuations Continue but What’s Next?

Evacuations from besieged Aleppo are in progress right now and thousands of wounded people, elderly civilians and children have already made it out with the help of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. Many of us have been waiting for this moment and have campaigned for safe passage for civilians and humanitarians who were being bombed in their crowded neighbourhoods. It’s a bittersweet moment. At the arrival point in the Aleppo countryside many were in tears. Some of relief to have survived the siege, others because they had to leave their homes and the graves of their family members…
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Refugees Search Jobs and Companies Search Employees

Refugees Search Jobs and Companies Search Employees

GERMANY – The large number of refugees arrived to Germany over the past few years has raised crucial questions of how to successfully integrate these hundreds of thousands of new arrivals into German society and workplace and how to offer them a long-term perspective. In response to these questions, several governmental and nongovernmental bodies in Germany have organised job fairs to enhance direct communication between refugees on one-hand and companies’ representatives on the other. As soon as a refugee receives his/her work permission in Germany, the first job becomes a big step for his/her integration. In order to allow the…
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Refugees Selling Sex on Athens Streets

In the heart of Athens, sidewalks teem with passersby, restaurants are packed with people and crowds flow from the metro. But take a few steps into nearby Victoria Square, and you’ll find a shocking world of survival sex and exploitation. The sex trade has always existed here, but it’s now exacerbated by a swelling number of refugees arriving from the Middle East. Caught in that web of desperation are unaccompanied minors — many of them teenage boys. Young men gather in Victoria Square, central Athens. How It Works It starts with eye contact, a seemingly benign hello, or a request…
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