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May Allah Accept the Attackers of Paris in Paradise?

Islamist radicals espousing hatred and extremism can be easily heard nowadays. They are actually criticising the freedom that had given them the platform to talk their minds. While criticising the Charlie Hebdo caricatures of the prophet Mohammad and calling for limitations on the freedom of speech, they are practicing the same right of expression they are condemning. “We are not Jews, we are not Christians. We don’t believe if you hit me on one cheek, I will give you the other,” the British radical Islamist Anjem Choudary said on the Lebanese MTV channel. Chaudary’s comments on the Parisian tragedy appeared…
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Muslim clergymen rule mars colony as Un-Islamic

Some Muslim Clergymen Know It All

Islamic clergymen have issued a ruling that colonising Mars is un-Islamic. Clerics issued a fatwa deems travelling to the red planet as impermissible for Muslims. Muslim clerics in the UAE declared a colony on Mars as un-Islamic and issued a fatwa against anyone living on Mars as there is “no righteous reason” to be there. As if they know, They argue that trying to live there would be close to committing suicide and killing oneself is strictly forbidden in Islam.

Bashar Al-Assad

Dear Mr. President

A message from an ordinary Syrian person to the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. This might probably be the best thing you hear about Syria today. I’m an ordinary Syrian citizen and I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your speech on 30 March 2011. I don’t want to comment on the political side of your speech because I’m not that good at it but I’d like to congratulate you for your wit and sense of humor and your unique style. It was clearly very much picturesque. Please, if you think that I’m making fun of…
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