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Protesters use flares as Al Ahly ultras pack Tahrir Square in Cairo on January 18, 2013, as anger rose ahead of a court verdict over the 2012 Port Said disaster. Khalil Hamra / AP

Egypt’s Regime Boosts Calls for Security Sector Reform

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s brutal regime in rare gestures towards his opponents has twice this year recognized the potential street power of his country’s militant, street battle-hardened soccer fans. In doing so, the regime has implicitly acknowledged that security forces rather than the fans were responsible for past violence and provided ammunition for calls for wholesale reform of law enforcement. The Sisi regime’s latest gesture came this week when for the first time in five years allowed thousands of members of the Ultras White Knights (UWK), hard-line supporters of storied Cairo club Al Zamalek FC who played a key…
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In Libya, You Can Buy Anti-Aircraft Gun on Facebook - MPC JOURNAL

In Libya, You Can Buy Anti-Aircraft Gun on Facebook

An online marketplace for illicit weapons is thriving in the Middle East and North Africa, according to a study released today that found sales of heavy machine guns, rocket and grenade launchers, and anti-aircraft guns on private Facebook groups in Libya. During his 40-year reign, colonel Muammar Gaddafi stockpiled an estimated $30 billion worth of weapons. At the time, the arms trade was strictly regulated and the country had limited access to the internet. (Libya is still the only country where connection speed is on average less than 1.0 Mbp.) Since his overthrow and death in 2011, those weapons have…
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Libya – Something Should Be Done Image ©:AP PHOTO/RODRIGO ABD

Libya – Something Should Be Done

“Something should be done” is a phrase which resonates with students of Britain’s political history.  It was the off-the-cuff comment made by short-term King Edward VIII in November 1936, just a month before he abdicated to marry the American divorcée Wallis Simpson.  He was visiting an abandoned colliery in an area of high unemployment. “These works brought all these people here,” he said.  “Something should be done to get them at work again.” The remark created a furore in British political circles, since it was taken as a royal rebuke to the government for not doing enough to tackle the…
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