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Tolerance Is the Only Policy That Holds

Tolerance is a very interesting phenomenon to experience and it is very funny to live. Tolerance, politically speaking, is very valuable and beneficial for it presents what is best in people to contribute to building productive societies. It is not a problem in religions, nor a problem with non belief, it is a problem with application. The more we live tolerance, the more our lives interesting will become. Therefore, the Islamic Middle East is not an exception and can be a pioneer still in propagating tolerance. the problem neither lies in specific features of Islamic culture and religion nor in other…
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Bounded Rationality and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: Maximisation of Self-utility or Public Interest

Political rationality as a theory is important in its own right. Government leaders must calculate political costs such as the resources needed to generate support for a policy, the implications of a policy decision for re-election, and the possibility of provoking hostility for decisions not well received. Bounded rationality approach has yielded an enhanced understanding of how government organizations may produce unexpected or even unpredicted policy or program results. With public organizations not operating under full rationality conditions, administrators aspiring toward rationality may nonetheless find their goals undermined by a variety of forces, such as informational uncertainties and non-rational elements…
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