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The Strategic Impact of Making Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

President Trump’s announcement on December 6th that, “It is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” and that he is “directing the State Department to begin preparation to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” will hurt both Israeli and U.S. strategic interests. Two critical problems: It damages Israel and U.S. interests by seriously irritating the Arab world, and it gives Iran, the Hezbollah, and Russia the opportunity to exploit this anger and the divisions.

Activists carry placards during a sit-in near the Lebanese parliament and in front of the U.N. headquarters in Beirut on April 1, 2014. Photo: REUTERS/Sharif Karim

Finding Ways to Fight Women’s Exposure to Violence in Arab World

It should now be beyond dispute that gender-based violence is a critical human rights issue– possibly the most important human rights challenge of our time. There is a great deal of research and action on this issue, and also a great deal of terminology that might be unclear. Terms such as “violence against women”, “gender-based violence”, “violence against women and girls”, “sexual and gender-based violence” and “conflict-related sexual violence” may sound similar, but the distinctions between them are important.

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