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How to Defeat Islamic State – The Blair Recipe

Tony Blair is a man of wisdom and experience, a global player with many positive achievements to his credit, but in UK politics he is a spent force. The charismatic leader who transformed the fortunes of Britain’s Labour Party and led it to three successive election victories, is now the object of scorn by those in charge of the party. They have utterly rejected his middle-of-the-road approach, with its appeal to a wide swathe of moderate electors, in favour of a sharp turn to the left under their new leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Nowadays many who supported Blair while he was…
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Who’s Killing Civilians In Syria?

Who’s Killing Civilians In Syria?

I joined the early days of the Syria uprising in February 2011. It was only a matter of weeks before the chants and dancing were met with bullets and arrests from the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. I saw my brother and sister get killed. Many Syrians suffered similar tragedies. I was fortunate that at least I knew what happened to them. People were disappearing or dying all around me and no-one was keeping records. In your country these deaths are likely registered by the government, in Syria it was the government killing the people. I set up the Syrian Network…
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Terrorist Attacks in Brussels – a Clash of What?

Here we go again. Recent terrorist attacks against another European capital city in less than a year continue to shake the core of world politics. It is worth to note that terrorist attacks are not only happening against European states, but also against other countries, most notably Turkey and Indonesia. Is it a clash of cultures, religions, or it is merely politics? How do we keep serving Daesh (Islamic State)?

A mosque in central Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region

The Changing Face of Islam in Kurdistan

ERBIL, Kurdistan region — “We Muslims have a lot of problems with our religion for a lot of reasons,” the words of Sanger Najim, a young man living in Erbil, echo the sentiments of a growing population in the Kurdistan region who struggle with questions about their faith.

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