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Syria - MPC Journal - bashar-al-assad

Will Assad Survive?

It is almost unbelievable, given the roller-coaster ride of Bashar Al-Assad’s fortunes these past five years, that he remains President of Syria (albeit a much reduced dominion), and stands a fair chance of remaining so. At the start of 2011 Assad was the absolute ruler of a brutal and repressive regime, and as firmly entrenched in power as his father, Hafez, had been throughout the thirty years of his presidency. For at that time the so-called “Arab Spring” – popular uprisings against repressive regimes which began in Tunisia in December 2010 – had as yet claimed no victims among the…
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Old Profession at Times of War - MPC Journal - HOS

Old Profession at Times of War

Mohammad Qurabi, a photographer at Humans of Syria, had the chance to talk to a Syrian blacksmith in Ariha, a twon in the north of Syria. Here is his story. Adel Haddad, who goes by the nickname Abu Hassan, is someone in the city who is still working in a very old profession that dates back more than 150 years: Arabic blacksmithing. He inherited this craft from his ancestors and continues the tradition in their name in Ariha. Abu Hassan works more than ten hours a day. You always see him engrossed in his work and indefatigable, earning the livelihood…
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