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Graffiti under siege - MPC Journal - HOS

Graffiti Under Siege

Omeir, a 20-year-old Syrian artist, has been living under siege in Douma in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus for more than three and a half years. In cooperation with the Human in Syria Initiative, he had the chance to tell his short story: I am from the city of Douma in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus. As many people living in besieged areas, I try to seek possible alternatives to keep on living. My story started from here. Based on my passion for art, painting, colours and artistic expression of ideas in a way suits the war we are living,…
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Syria’s Refugee Children Have Lost All Hope

Syria’s Refugee Children Have Lost All Hope

Young Syrians living in Lebanon are attempting suicide in ever greater numbers TRIPOLI, Lebanon — At a makeshift refugee camp just south of this northern city, a 12-year-old Syrian girl named Khowla sits on a dirty mattress in her tent. The roof is made of blue plastic tarp that does little to protect her from the intense sunlight. Though there hasn’t been rain in a few days, the concrete floor is damp and covered in a slimy film. Khowla is strikingly beautiful, with delicate features, nut-brown skin and large, dark eyes. She’s wearing her favorite dress, black with white stripes.

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