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Allah loves equality, decriminalise homosexuality in Morocco #LoveisLove

LGBT+ from Turkey to Morocco: Allah Loves Equality

While Turkish police cracks down on a Gay Pride parade with tear-gas, LGBT+ Moroccans demand the decriminalisation of homosexuality in their country. For the fourth time in a row, the pride parade was banned in Istanbul. When LGBT+ people gathered on 01 July 2018 at the central shopping street “Istiklal”, the police intervened and occasionally used tear gas and plastic bullets to end the parade, according to the Berliner Morgenpost.


Top Arab Country on the ‘Good Country Index’ Is Tunisia

Tunisia has held the top spot on the Arab level and 48th worldwide in the “Good Country” Index, according to statistics published on the Good Country website. The Good Country Index is a league table based on 35 separate indicators from sources including the United Nations and the World Bank. The report, which weighs up a country’s contributions to the planet and the human race relative to its size ‒ measured in GDP ‒ is the brainchild of leading policy advisor Simon Anholt, whose aim is “to find ways of encouraging countries to collaborate and co-operate a lot more and compete a bit…
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