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Burhan Ghalioun
Burhan Ghalioun is presently a Professor of Political Sociology at the Universite La Sorbonne Nouvelle. He is the author of several authoritative books as well as ove... More >

MPC Journal
MPC Journal Mashreq Politics and Culture Journal is an independent platform focuses on West Asia & North Africa & Occident-Orient Relations ... More >

Neville Teller
Neville Teller was born in London and is a graduate of Oxford University. He has been commenting on the Middle East scene for over thirty years. He is Middle East ... More >

James M. Dorsey
James M. Dorsey is a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies as Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, co-director of the Institute... More >

Rick Francona
Rick Francona An acknowledged Middle East expert, dynamic speaker, author of Ally to Adversary - An Eyewitness Account of Iraq's Fall from Grace, former NBC and cur... More >

M. KH. and A. D.
M. KH. and A. D. Administrators of Lesbian Diary page and activist journalists for minority rights in the Middle East and North Africa. They have publications in sever... More >

Belkebir Boumediene
Belkebir Boumediene Dr Boumediene is an Algerian university lecturer and researcher specialises in organizational culture and change management and innovation. He publish... More >

KCCRC KURDISTAN CONFLICT AND CRISIS RESEARCH CENTER (KCCRC) is a partner of Mashreq Politics & Culture Journal (MPC Journal). It is an independent, not-... More >

Farhad Hassan Abdullah
Farhad Hassan Abdullah is an Editor in Chief at the Kurdistan Conflict and Crisis Research Centre and a lecturer at the University of Sulaimani, Department of Politics and I... More >

Linda Abirafeh
Linda Abirafeh Director, Institute for Womens Studies in the Arab World, Lebanese American University... More >

Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi
Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi is an independent IR researcher-cum-writer based in Pakistan. His research focuses on Conflict-Prevention, International Law, War Studies and ot... More >

Tariq Al-Maeena
Tariq Al-Maeena The writer is a Saudi socio/political commentator whose areas of interests cover Muslim, Arab and regional affairs. He lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,... More >

Homayun Alam is a research fellow at Frankfurt Research Center on Global Islam at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Dr. Alam is specialized on cultural Islam... More >

Jumana Alasaad
Jumana Alasaad is an archaeologist and a PhD candidate specialised in history and cultures of the ancient Near East, especially Iraq and Syria. She has finished a Ma... More >

Karzan Omar Ali is a lecturer at the University of Sulaimani... More >

Yvette Hovsepian Bearce
Yvette Hovsepian Bearce is a Middle East scholar and researcher specializing in contemporary Iranian politics. She is a political and cultural advisor to academic delegations... More >

Merle Becker
Merle Becker is a journalist and actress. She studies Peace- and Conflict Studies in Frankfurt University. Merle is the founder of the organization Academic Exp... More >

Iris Bendtsen Iris speaks Turkish and some Kurdish and has covered Turkey and the different parts of Kurdistan for nine years on her blog More >

Ilham Bint Sirin
Ilham Bint Sirin Ilham Bint Sirin studied Russian language and culture with Persian as a minor in Paris. On top of Russian and Persian she speaks Kurdish and Turkish. ... More >

Richard Black
Richard Black is Pro-Director (Research and Enterprise) at SOAS University of London. Prior to moving to SOAS in 2013, he was founding Head of the School of Global... More >

Giorgio Cafiero
Giorgio Cafiero is the Co-Founder of Gulf State Analytics.... More >

Mohammed S. Dajani
Mohammed S. Dajani is the Weston Fellow at The Washington Institute. He founded the Wasatia movement of moderate Islam and previously worked as a professor of political ... More >

Ivan E. Rosado Author... More >

Fadi Elhusseini
Fadi Elhusseini is a political Counsellor. He is a commissioning editor at e-International Relations and he is an Associate Research Fellow (ESRC) at the Institute fo... More >

Miriam Förstle
Miriam Förstle is the assistant of Herberg-Rothe in the research project Western and non-Western conceptions of international relations.... More >


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