May Allah Accept the Attackers of Paris in Paradise?

May Allah Accept the Attackers of Paris in Paradise, May Allah Accept the Attackers of Paris in Paradise?Islamist radicals espousing hatred and extremism can be easily heard nowadays. They are actually criticising the freedom that had given them the platform to talk their minds. While criticising the Charlie Hebdo caricatures of the prophet Mohammad and calling for limitations on the freedom of speech, they are practicing the same right of expression they are condemning.

“We are not Jews, we are not Christians. We don’t believe if you hit me on one cheek, I will give you the other,” the British radical Islamist Anjem Choudary said on the Lebanese MTV channel. Chaudary’s comments on the Parisian tragedy appeared on 13 January 2015, while he was speaking on a debate program from London.

“We have a unique Sharia,” he added. “Whoever insults the prophet, kill him. It has a capital punishment.”

The moderator asked Chaudary if the punishment appears somewhere in the Islamic religion and if he can pinpoint the Quranic verse which says so. While such a ruling doesn’t exist in Quran, Chaudary referred to the sayings of the prophet Mohammad cutting them from their historical context “The prophet himself sent one of his companions to Ka’ab bin Ashraf because he insulted the prophet.”

Ka’ab bin Ashraf is a Jewish leader lived in Medina in Arabia. He was assassinated on the order of the prophet Muhammad.” In another narration, a man killed his wife because she insulted the prophet,” Chaudary added. Such a statement remains a narration lacking evidence and logical reaction, by which the punishment doesn’t whatsoever equals the sin.

Chadary continued “You now, we live peacefully with each other but you have to respect the honour of the prophet, who is reversed by a quarter of the world’s population.” According to Chaudary, Muslims in France are treated as second-class citizens. “They [the French] banned the Burqa,” he illustrated.

While Chaudary exercising the freedom of speech, he bluntly said “May Allah accept them [the attackers] in paradise.”

The majority of Muslims condemn the caricatures of the prophet Mohammad and they consider them offensive, but they don’t agree on the methods, rhetoric and religious discourse Chaudary propagates. Therefore, it is important to realise the difference between a Muslim, who has the Islamic religion and an Islamist, who tries to impose his ideas on others.

May Allah Accept the Attackers of Paris in Paradise, May Allah Accept the Attackers of Paris in Paradise?


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