ISIS Is More Popular Than What We Might Think


Hakim Khatib

Hakim Khatib studied political science of the Middle East, European Studies, journalism and linguistics. He has been lecturing at different German universities since 2011 on issues related to ideology and the interplay of power thereof in socio-political life, and religion and its relationship to contemporary politics in the regions of West Asia and North Africa, especially Egypt and Syria. He is also the editor-in-chief of the Mashreq Politics & Culture Journal (MPC Journal) since 2014 and has published over 100 articles in different languages, academic and otherwise, in a wide spectrum of on-line and printed newspapers, journals and think tanks. His current research focuses on Islam-inspired political ideologies such as Islamist extremism and Salafism, radicalisation, de-radicalisation processes in Germany as well as peace and conflict in the Middle East.
Hakim Khatib
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ISIS Is More Popular Than What We Might Think - © MPC Journal screenshot of Aljazeera's website
© MPC Journal screenshot of Aljazeera’s website

The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Daesh) or ISIS is more popular than what we might think. A poll on ISIS by Aljazeera Arabic shows that an overwhelming majority favour ISIS in the Middle East.

In a poll by Aljazeera Arabic between 23 May and 29 May 2015, over 81.1% voted in favour of ISIS, while only 11.9% voted against.

Aljazeera’s question was “Do you support the victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria?” Over 37,000 answered the poll, while more votes are still expected over the coming few days.

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, known as Daesh in Arabic, proclaimed a Caliphate in mid 2014. Daesh is headed by Abu Bakr Al.Baghdadi and controls great parts of eastern Syria and north and central Iraq.


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