Join Syria’s Peace Movement and Tell Your Politicians to Stop the Bombs

This is what Sally from Planet Syria has to say to us. Please read until the end.

I am from Homs, where I was detained and beaten for transporting humanitarian aid. My nose and cheek were broken and it took a long time to heal, but still, I have carried on.

Last week, I organised a campaign with civil society activists inside Syria to create signs from across the country calling for people around the world to take action to stop the bombs.

In Ghouta the women I work with struggled to find cardboard and markers for their signs. They are under starvation siege, where food and other supplies are hard to come by, let alone markers. Anyway they did find some in the end, but they had to take down some posters they had up in the bomb shelter, turn them around and re-use them. This is what they wrote:

Women from Syria Planet of Syria - MPC JournalThese women in Erbeen took their photo in an underground shelter. They face bombs from the government which are relentless and indiscriminate. As a result of the siege, they apologised to me for their looks. I didn’t know what to tell them. I feel guilty.

When I speak to the activists inside, they are often caught in the battles of the regime and armed groups, and often facing bombardment. One activist asks me from his office “There are so many warplanes. What do you think, should I go home?”. “You’re still there? Go, go now!” I tell him. They’re all so dedicated to their work and I am proud of them.

These are the brave activists who make up Planet Syria. Support them by sending a message to your political representative to stop to the bombs and support negotiations to end the violence:  

Stop the Bombs

The activists inside have been through a lot. Let’s give them some hope.

*Sally is a pseudonym used to protect the identity of the writer.

MPC Journal Team

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    Just like Libya before the NATO bombing, Syria has universal free healthcare and free education from childcare through to university.

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