Naji Jarf Has Died for Free Speech

Naji Jarf - MPC Journal - Naji Jarf Has Died for Free Speech

Naji Jarf is a Syrian journalist from Salamiyyah city. He was married and a father of two children. He was among the first activists who have peacefully opposed the Assad regime. Jarf was known for his daring rhetoric against both the Syrian regime and Daesh. He was the founder and editor-in-chief of Hinta magazine. His magazine was known for its liberal approach.

MPC Journal Team

Hinta magazine served as a platform demanding the release of detainees from the Syrian regime’s prisons. Jarf made a documentary film titled ISIL in Aleppo, which documents Daash policies in the city of Aleppo.

On 27 December 2015, unidentified individuals assassinated him with a silenced pistol in the Turkish city of Gaziantep. Naji has died for free speech.

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