Sixty People Arrested for 25 January Anniversary

Egyptian Police Forces (AFP File Photo) - Sixty People Arrested for 25 January Anniversary
Egyptian Police Forces – © Image: AFP File Photo

While protesters affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets in small groups in several governorates during the fifth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution on Monday, pro-regime protesters roamed Tahrir Square in joy celebrating police day.

All over the country minor protests took place, leading to clashes with riot police, leaving dozens arrested.

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood expressed happiness over the number of people who took to the street, which it estimated to be hundreds of thousands. The group said that “assassinations, detentions, and kidnappings weren’t able to stop revolutionary wave”. Although the official number of arrests has not been confirmed, lawyers anticipate that 60 protesters were detained on Monday.

MPC Journal Team

A representative from the Ministry of Interior’s media office said all arrested protesters will be referred to the prosecution to continue the investigation process.

However the Egyptian cabinet’s operations room said Tuesday that 25 January saw limited protests with approximately 200 protesters in Kafr Al-Shiekh, Matariya, Beheira, Sharqeya, Fayoum, and Menufiya. It contested that protests lasted for less than 30 minutes before being dispersed by the police.

On the other hand, dozens of pro-government protesters marched through Tahrir Square with Egyptian flags and posters bearing the images of police victims. They chanted “the police and the people are one hand”.  Security forces and military tanks were close-at-hand.

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