Turkey blasts Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan

Turkey blasts Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan

On 28 January 2020, Turkey criticised US President Donald Trump’s Middle East plan, calling the agreement “stillborn’’.

US President Donald Trump released a proposed map for a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians, which sets up a still long-shot chance for a recognised Palestinian state.

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the peace plan “is an annexation plan aiming at usurping Palestinian lands and killing two-state solution.”

Turkey’s statement arrives hours after the US President revealed his peace plan, which promises to keep Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital, proposes an independent Palestinian state and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has dismissed the plans, labelling it a “conspiracy”.

Israel – Palestine: Trump Releases Map for Peace Plan

Underlining that Jerusalem is a red line for Turkey, the statement said that Turkey would not let Israel justify its occupation and persecution against Palestinians: “We will always stand by the brotherly people of Palestine. We will continue to work for an independent Palestine within Palestinian lands.”

Peace in the Middle East is not possible without ending Israel’s occupation policies, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs added.

MPC Journal Team