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Jordanian Court Tries Yemeni Teen for Having Opinions

Jordanian Court Tries Yemeni, Jordanian Court Tries Yemeni Teen for Having Opinions
Tujan’s Facebook page

A Yemeni 17-year old girl is facing trial after the Jordanian Cybercrime Unit had charged her with “blasphemy and insulting religious feelings” for sharing Facebook posts that discuss politics, religion and related other topics.

The Yemeni teenager, named Tujan Albukhaiti was barred from attending classes at her school in December 2019.

On 29 January 2019, Albukhaiti wrote on her Facebook:

“I’m being tried in Amman, Jordan for merely moderating a discussion using my Facebook account. The Cybercrime Unit wants to hold me responsible for sharing some of my father’s posts and for the comments on them… If the Cybercrime Unit wants to hold everyone accountable for purely sharing content, it should also hold thousands of Jordanians and residents of Jordan for posting links to pirated films and TV shows, since many of these shows contain ideas that can also be described as “offensive to religion”…This is so unfair.”

تتم محاكمتي في #عمان #الأردن لأني فقط أدرت نقاش في حسابي على فيس بوك، وحملتني وحدة جرائم النشر مسؤولية محتوى المنشورات…

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The Cairo-based NGO Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemned the Jordanian government’s decision, calling on Jordanian officials to “stop show trials.”

Tujan is the daughter of prominent Yemeni political activist Ali Albukhaiti, who defected from the Houthi group in Yemen in 2016. He is a vocal critic of Islamist ideologies and was forced to leave Jordan in August 2019 for “offending” the Saudi-led troops fighting in Yemen”.