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Gay Men in Morocco Outed against Their Will

Sofia Talouni
Sofia Talouni – YouTube screenshot

Between 50 and 100 gay men in Morocco are feared to have been outed on social media against their will. Some of them were reportedly kicked out of their homes after their sexuality was revealed.

This has happened as a result of transgender Instagram influencer Sofia Talouni’s videos teaching straight people how to use gay dating apps to spot gay and bi- men around them.

According to the New York Times, the men have received threats of violence and blackmail after their photographs and other personal details were published online and circulated in Morocco, where homosexuality is illegal. The same source reported that at least in three cases, gay men were forced to leave their homes, even while under lockdown due to the covid-19 curfew.

In an Instagram Live video several weeks ago, Talouni taught her followers how to download apps like Planet Romeo, Hornet, and Grindr to find gay men who live in their area.

Talouni is a trans Moroccan woman and now lives in Turkey. She has built a following on Instagram due to her vulgar and confrontational style, building up a following of over 600,000 people before her account was deleted.