Egyptian Navy Commissions Locally Built Corvette "Port Said"
Egyptian Navy Commissions Locally Built Corvette "Port Said"
Egyptian Navy Commissions Locally Built Corvette “Port Said”

On 11 January 2021, the Egyptian military spokesman reported that the Egyptian Navy had received the “Port Said” Gowind-class corvette from the Alexandria Shipyard Company.

The military spokesman added that, in continuation of the armed forces’ efforts to enhance combat and technical capabilities of its branches, the Commander of the Egyptian Navy, Lieutenant General Ahmed Khaled, attended the ceremony of the first locally assembled corvette “Port Said”, adding that The Egyptian Navy has been working “recently” to develop its technological capabilities, especially in armament systems and combat efficiency.

The “Port Said” corvette is considered one of the most important marine equipment to be built at the Alexandria Shipyard Company in cooperation with the French manufacturer “Naval Group”. The manufacturing of the corvette, named “El Fateh”, began in 2017 in Egypt. According to the military spokesman, the frigate “Port Said” also has an integrated combat monitoring system against ships, aircraft and submarines.

During the ceremony, the Commander of the Egyptian Navy delivered a speech in which he also affirmed the political leadership’s support to implement a comprehensive strategy to develop and modernise the Egyptian naval fleet to protect Egyptian economic zone waters.

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