Iraqi Security Services Arrest Terrorists Including an ISIS Prince

On 9 January 2021, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence reported that security forces, in cooperation with the Iraqi Directorate of General Military Intelligence (DGMI) had arrested a so-called ISIS “Emir of the Department of Agriculture”. The terrorist was ambushed northeast of Al-Rutba district in Anbar. 

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence added that in another context on the same day, security forces and DGMI had arrested two other ISIS terrorists in Anbar. Both were convicted in accordance with “Article 4 terrorism”.

On the same day, the DGMI seized 41 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), with 20 litre capacity, in Ramadi, also in Anbar. The Intelligence division’s engineering squad reportedly destroyed the IEDs on site. In a related context, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence reported that the DGMI had found ammunition left over from ISIS terrorists, without specifying the location.

On the same day, the DGMI and Iraqi military forces from the Third Regiment found an unspecified number of ISIS tunnels in Sharqat, in Salah al-Din, where the forces seized an unspecified number of  IEDs and mortar shells.

Also on the same day, the DGMI reported that another ISIS tunnel was found in Al-Baaj district, near the Syrian border.

The tunnel contained four IEDs left over from ISIS terrorists and other unspecified kinds of explosives. The DGMI added that the tunnel and the explosives found were destroyed on site.

By MPC Journal Team

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