Israel: Then and Now Photos of Jerusalem

The idea to create then and now photos emerged when I heard that New York Public Library has added many old photo scans to the public domain.

Probably most photos there are from the US, but I decided to check if there are any from Israel as well. And since people from Europe and the US visited this region and took photos, I was able to find them in the New York Library’s Public Domain.

I will show an old photo (most of them were made 100-150 years ago), my recent photo and a combination of both.

Old photo of Jerusalem: This still image of the Dome of the Rock was made in 1864 by Ermete Pierotti.

My photograph of the Dome of the Rock

After merging the two, we get the combined then and now


This is my photograph

Then and now

Another old photo of Jerusalem

Jerusalem photo that I made several years ago

The combined photo

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