Joint Saudi American Military Training

On 8 January 21, the Saudi Ministry of Defence released footage documenting aerial manoeuvres of Saudi aircraft, B-52 strategic bombers, and F-16 aircraft of the US Air Force. 

The ministry stated that the training focusses on enhancing capabilities and interoperability, and contributes to achieving compatibility and operational integration. It added that the military training is a continuation of joint cooperation between the Saudi and American air forces to preserve security and stability in the region.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Defence, on 7 January 2021, Deputy Minister of Defence, Khalid bin Salman received the United States Under Secretary of Defence for Policy (USDP), Anthony Tata. The meeting was attended by senior Saudi military officers and the delegation headed by the USDP.

During the meeting, both sides discussed bilateral cooperation defence programs and way to strengthen the military partnership between both countries.

By MPC Journal Team

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