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Mustefa Ebdi - Would someone leave his daughter all alone? MPC Journal
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Humans of Syria initiative had the chance to meet one of the residents in Kobani, a city in the Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria. Here is his story:

I asked him, “What about you? When are you going to emigrate?”

Saleh Muslim, 38, replied, “My soul is here, my home is here, my history is here, my life is here – Here is Kobani. For me, Kobani is like a little girl. Would someone leave his daughter all alone?”

Saleh is one of the most important community leaders in Kobani and everyone loves him. He captures every detail with his lens.

His lens is his phone camera, which recorded many details of the daily life in the city. Many people emulate him as his work has become iconic.

He started out from Kobani’s streets, from the forgotten lanes, neighbourhoods and remote houses. He recorded the stories of forgotten people; intellectuals and social figures, who were neglected and forgotten over time.

He unfolded the blanket of time and gave them new life on his photography page in his own simple language.

During the battle of Kobani against Daesh militants, he had to stop taking pictures and remained quiet watching the flames.

But following the news of liberation, he returned with his camera to Kobani and began documenting the recovery of the city around the clock.

People still living abroad, who left their hearts in their beloved city, regained hope as Saleh showed the real Kobani coming back to life.

In collaboration with the Humans of Syria

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