nelly-karim-sex-marriage - MPC Journal - Yes to Sex Before Marriage but Not to Four Wives
Egyptian actresses, Nelly Karim– © Photo: Facebook

One of the Arab world’s hottest Egyptian actresses, Nelly Karim, has something in common with Lebanese singer Maya Diab: They both believe in sex before marriage.

Nelly, 41, dropped the bombshell in an interview on Deutsche Welle TV’s program “Shabab Talk.”

The outspoken starlet shared more of her controversial views on marriage, stating that she is against the concept of multiple wives and early marriage, but is all for someone marrying outside of their religion.

Nelly was born to a Russian mother and Egyptian father. She said that her mother kept her Christian faith after marriage, which has clearly influenced Nelly’s views on interfaith marriage, in addition to having lived in Russia from the ages of 6-16.

Lebanese superstar Nancy Ajram shares similar views about marriage and religion, and has recently revealed that she married Fadi el Hachem in a civil ceremony in Cyprus, adding that she would allow her daughters to do the same.

While the actress was heavily criticized for her “unconventional ideas,” which go against the morals and traditions of her conservative society, shouldn’t we be thanking Nelly for honestly speaking her mind rather than pretending to be someone she’s not?

By Hakim Charles

Hakim Charles studied political science of the Middle East, European Studies, journalism and linguistics. He has been lecturing at different German universities since 2011 on issues related to ideology and the interplay of power thereof in socio-political life, and religion and its relationship to contemporary politics in the regions of West Asia and North Africa, especially Egypt and Syria. He is also the editor-in-chief of the Mashreq Politics & Culture Journal (MPC Journal) since 2014 and has published over 100 articles in different languages, academic and otherwise, in a wide spectrum of on-line and printed newspapers, journals and think tanks. His current research focuses on Islam-inspired political ideologies such as Islamist extremism and Salafism, radicalisation, de-radicalisation processes in Germany as well as peace and conflict in the Middle East.

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